Preschool Subsidy

Update July 2022:

The BC Government is happy to subsidize your child's preschool (based on your income) but you have to do a little paperwork to make it happen. Here are the steps involved:

  1. First have your child registered and accepted into the preschool or junior kindergarten program at PRCS.

  2. Then contact the principal by email at Please write the Affordable Child Care Benefit application in the subject line of your email. Together with your care provider (PRCS), ensure that all the relevant sections of the Child Care Arrangement Form (CF2798) are fully completed and signed by both parties. With the legal name of your child and their birthdate provided, the principal at PRCS will be able to fill out the sections required on this document, sign it, scan it and send it to you to fill out your section.

  3. When you are finished with your part of the CF2798 document you will need to submit it when you apply online for the Affordable Child Care Benefit. Here is the link to apply online.

  4. Fill out the online application forms for the Affordable Child Care Benefit. Please click "Apply Online" to complete these forms online.

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