Our History

A number of years ago, a group of concerned Christian parents in Powell River felt the need for a school that supported the values of the Christian home in every area of the school curriculum. They were able to choose churches that reinforced their family values, but the only way to have a school that would do this was to establish an independent Christian school; one that was committed to their Christian values. In 1993, this group of parents began to develop and implement the Powell River Christian School.

Through hard work, perseverance, and prayer, PRCS opened in September 1994. PRCS includes families from a wide variety of backgrounds who seek to embrace a quality education for their children of high academic and social standards and Christ-centered discipleship themes driving all instruction. In 2014, PRCS has relocated to the Grief Point area and has recently partnered with Community Foundation, the City of Powell River, and countless neighborhood volunteers to construct an outdoor hockey rink. It is a tremendous honor and blessing to serve our community by providing publicly accessible facilities of a grass field, playground, basketball court, and hockey rink.

Most recently, we have been focused on growing our special education services to help provide the best quality programs in Powell River. To help accommodate specific student needs, our staff work tirelessly in collaboration with medical staff, specialized professionals, and parents to help meet individualized needs. In the near future, we aspire to create a multi-sensory classroom to help students with particular developmental disabilities and anxiety.