Our Foundations

We desire to provide a distinctly Christian education. Our teachers have shaped our weekly chapel sessions and their daily instructional approach to highlight discipleship characteristics. As a student progresses in their spiritual learning, each will come to a greater understanding of God's character and His desire to shape each into the likeness of Christ. By the time our students transition out from our school, we aspire that each will exhibit many or all of these characteristics:

  • God Worshipper: One who stands in awe of God and His promises, who seeks intimacy and follows God.

  • Justice Promoter: One who identifies and responds to injustices.

  • Dominion Holder: One who makes the most of every opportunity God has given them.

  • Creation Caretaker: One who enjoys, values, and protects God's creation.

  • Community Server: One who sees and responds to society's needs with a servant's heart.

  • Beauty Creator: One who praises God by creating beautiful things.

  • Temple Keeper: One who keeps mind, body, and soul pure and holy for God.

  • Truth Speaker: One who seeks and proclaims truth in all areas of life.

  • Idolatry Discerner: One who notices and evades the idols of our time.

  • Order Discoverer: One who recognizes that all creation has order and points back to God.

  • Image Reflector: One who is Christ-like.